#Chewsday Check-in

Ah….#Chewsday check-in time again.  Oh and happy belated Canadian Thanksgiving.

I was MIA on the blog this weekend as it was a crazy busy one–a bit of work, a bit of fitness, a bit of family stuff, a bit of friend stuff.  Oh and a baking project from The Kitchn Blog’s Baking School #kitchnbakingschool.

Despite eating dinner out every night this weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday and even today), I have not gained any weight.  In fact, compared to last #Chewsday’s Check-in, I am exactly the same.  That never happens when I eat out a lot in a short period of time, especially when I’m not running around 30-40 miles a week.

eclairs and one taste teseter cream puff. yes, please!
eclairs and one taste tester cream puff. yes, please!

So far, this only eating when I’m hungry thing is working pretty darn well.  In fact, my only oddly “hungry” day was yesterday…and I truly believe it was because I started the day with a swim.  Something about swimming just makes me ravenous for hours afterward. But, yesterday aside, I have been relatively hunger pang free.  And, when I do feel hungry, I eat something…and preferably a bit on the slower side do I don’t stuff my face and then pay the consequences later (which I have done more than a few times in the past).

It actually kind of blows my mind that this is working…that my weight is going down, with diet alone and not running.  I’m curious to see how long this will continue.  If I can get down another 5 lbs I will be blown away…plus, I feel like being a bit lighter will make my eventual return to running in a few weeks (yes, my injury flared up again) that much easier.

Until next time friends,

~Princess Lisa


12 thoughts on “#Chewsday Check-in

  1. Truly weight loss is more about what you eat than working out. Working out is more about being strong and toned. When working in tandem, then major results happen.

    I think what’s hard is when you do work out, you get hungrier.

    But hurrah on progress and continued success!

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