#Chewsday Check-In

Morning Lovelies!


Happy Birthday Dad!

It’s been one week and I’ve already stopped counting calories. I’m still weighing a lot of my food just for keeping portions down.  I might try it again using this new tracking app called Nutrino–it actually recommends you recipes based on what you eat (though it’s proving to be slightly problematic with searching for stuff–a lot of basics, like half and half, are not in their database).  So I am going to give it a whirl…but let’s be honest–if I couldn’t stick with counting calories last week, I’m not sure what will change this week.

While my commitment to calorie counting waned, my desire to be more mindful of what I was eating was still present.  I really focused on trying to eat when I was hungry, rather than when it was “time to eat.”  If this meant eating lunch at 2pm, then that is what I did.  If that meant not eating breakfast until 10:37am….then that was fine, too.

Pretty much perfect!

Pretty much perfect!

This also meant that I indulged.  It was my dad’s birthday this weekend–which meant I made him birthday pie.  It was also one of my besties birthdays–which meant half a bottle of wine with nachos and a side of gossip.  Oh and I made macarons…amazing, yummy looking pumpkin spice dulce de leche filled cinnamon macarons.  And if you can believe it I only ate two.  The rest went to my coworkers.

In terms of fitness, it was a decent week.  My running still wasn’t great (why oh why do my legs feel so damn heavy), but I got out for my first swim practice with my beginner Masters Swim Club (SO DAMN FUN).  I also got back into a wee bit of strength training.  I worked out 5 of 7 days…not to terrible if you ask me.

All of this is to say, somehow, I’m down 1.6 lbs on the scale–from 169.0 down to 167.4.  I realize that the scale lies and is horrible and whatever, but I didn’t take starting measurements as I couldn’t find my tape measure.  Admittedly, all I really want is to get back into sub 1:50 half marathon shape and fit into my favourite Pixie pants from J. Crew with the leather tuxedo stripe for Christmas.  Is that too much to ask? I’m hoping not.

For the week ahead, I’m hoping for stronger runs and consistent weight training. I’m also hoping to get some meal planning done on the weekend as I didn’t do so for this week.

Much Love and happy Chewsday!

~Princess Lisa


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