Running, Ruts and Doubt

Yesterday I had a workout that sorta crushed me, emotionally. 

And yes, I am completely aware that I am being dramatic and this too shall pass.  But seriously…this gif perfectly described how I felt.

Two weeks ago, I started to get my run back a bit….given the injury and stuff…I was feeling pretty great.  For some reason, something crappy happened and now I can barely run a half mile without feeling like dying.

I have no idea what is going on and it frustrates the pants off me.  Well, maybe not really pants, butI think you know what i mean.

A year ago, despite being injured, I was running with some speed.  I was doing long runs of 10 -12 miles at an average pace of 8:00 to 8:15 min/mile.  Now I can barely sustain nines for one mile.  Gah.

I know taking the summer off to finally let myself heal after training for Glass Slipper and Pixie Dust was necessary, but good grief is it frustrating.

I have hopes of trying for a spring half marathon–ideally hitting my sub 1:50 goal, provided I can actually overcome this injury (still have twinge pain moments)….but after yesterday morning’s workout…I feel a large feeling of doubt–something I have not felt in running since my appearance at Princess 2013 with my crossfit battered/injured knees.

Yes, this is a whiny, first world problem post.  In all honesty, I just need a vent session.  Deep down, I know that this rut will end.  Eventually this injury will heal.  Running will be fun again.

Much love,

~Princess Lisa


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