#Chewsday Cave-in

I started off my #Chewsday with such good intentions.

I prepped.  I chopped.  I defrosted freaking left over pumpkin from my deep freezer. I planned snacks…but…sigh….

Getting home late from work (thanks to a curling lesson equipment purchasing date with a friend that went off the rails and took about an hour longer than I had anticipated) and a headache, led me to make poor decisions.

Those poor decisions were Pumpkin Caramel Kringle (see right) and Miss Vickies Sweet Chili and Sour Cream potato chips leftover from when my brother house sat this weekend.  Gah….damn junk food.  Oh and I missed my run date because of the headache.  Boo.

Delicious Kringle

Delicious Kringle

But I’m trying to look at the successes…and there are a few.  I weight trained during my lunch hour at work.  I did plan healthy meals and snacks.  I counted the calories I ate, including the treats so I know more or less how much over I was.

Today…well, I would like to suggest that I’m on the right track again, but well, no one is perfect.  One of my staff people brought in fresh carrot cake cupcakes, with carrots from her garden. I couldn’t not indulge….and dare I say it was actually worth it. And not simply worth it because of how tasty it was.  I want to have a relationship with food where I allow myself indulgences but also make good decisions. and most importantly, to only eat when I’m hungry.

I’ve worked hard to curb my disordered eating in the past years and now I feel like I’m in a place where I can really find a nice balance moving forward…a balance that will keep me healthy but also allow me to enjoy life.  Well, that and I feel like my cooking skills are finally good enough to make that happen.

Much Love,

~Princess Lisa


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