Back to It: The Return of Chewsday

Clearly I ate A LOT in Minneapolis.  Seriously.  Go eat dinner at Spoon and Stable and brunch on Sunday at Bachelor Farmer–you will not be disappointed.

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I ate a ton…def. gained some weight, though not as much as I had anticipated given all the things I ate on top of all the sample of thing at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.



Oh and if someone offers you a slice of Danish Kringle…say yes….or you can just order it on their website.  Seriously.  This was the best discovery of my trip–thank you Trader Joe’s in Maple Grove for the free sample!

But now I am back at it…back to the grind.  Back to Chewsdays with my Accountibilibuddies.  Rae, Kellie, Kim and Nic are keeping me in line as I struggle to get back to balanced, healthy eating and hopefully…lose a few lbs so my fall clothes fit me.

I started #Chewsday with pumpkin oats with an egg, some pecans, chia seeds and drizzle of maple syrup.  Not as flavourful as I had hoped, but I am hoping to get better at making flavourful oats in the near future….can’t believe it has literally been years since I made them.

I also did a fair amount of meal prep this morning.  Salad with protein and some homemade salad dressing.  Some crudité and hummus for a late afternoon snack (I am not going home after work so I will need something to keep me going until I can have dinner) and an apple and a few almonds as my regular daily snack.

No dinner plans as of yet….but I am going to try and keep it simple…esp since I just realized I didnt’ bring out any chicken to cook up. Looks like liptons chicken noodle soup and maybe a toasted tomato sandwich (and maybe avocado if it is ripe) are in my future.

Want to join me and the rest of the accountibilibuddies?  Post a pic of what you are eating and tag it with the hash tag #chewsday or #accountibilibuddies.  Oh and you can find me on instagram at PrairiePrincessRunners.

Much Love,

~Princess Lisa


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