Summer Bucket List–The Final Tally

Granted there are still technically a week or so left of summer, I’m already feeling the Fall vibe (and even have my Fall bucket list ready to go).  But, before I kick off the Fall Bucket List–I need to update the Summer Bucket List.  So here it goes…

1. Meet up with friends I haven’t seen in a long while for patio drinks. (YES)

2. Meet up with friends from out of town–be it on my turf of theirs (hello trip to Ottawa). (YES!)

Saturday in Ottawa in a nutshell.

Saturday in Ottawa in a nutshell.

3. Make something delicious with the herbs I am growing on my windowsill at work. (YES)

4. Experiment to make my own perfect homemade cold brew coffee with my French press. (Yes..well, sorta…but with my new Aeropress)

5. Maybe run…hopefully…again…and preferably with a run club. (YES!..and… sorta yes…tried a group, going to try another next week)

6. Go to the beach (YES!  In Ottawa…on a run!)

7. Make some yummy ice cream from scratch….or maybe a few so I can find a perfect summer of 2015 ice cream. (YES! Mojito ice cream).

8. Learn how to bbq. (Yes! Pizza, hot dogs, and burgers)

9. Help my dad set up his new patio furniture and then enjoy a meal sitting on it. (nope–but I blame my dad)

10. Read a fun summer read in a park on a sunny Saturday afternoon (yes, but on a Friday…)

11.  Hit up the farmer’s market and make a delicious meal with my purchases (no…only time I can go is the weekends and the weekends have been work filled)

12. Practice some easy meal planning/prep. (YES see here and here and here)

13.  Go for a (fitness) swim (yes!)

14.  Catch a summer blockbuster.  Maybe two. (YES! Trainwreck and meh…no bf means no second movie date)

15.  Sleep in on a handful of Saturdays (yes.  Had to in order to keep my sanity)

16.  Dump the guy I am currently seeing… (this is probably going to be the first thing on my list to do). YES YES YES!

17.  Find a new guy that is awesome….. (Nah…I needed a break from dudes, though I did end up going on one date).

18.  Make a really, really good mojito….sadly no.  But I did drink a heavenly sangria at the spa!



19.  Have a leisurely, indulgent outdoor brekkie (done~ in Ottawa).

20. Do something I haven’t done before…sky’s the limit…well…maybe not sky–the idea of sky diving freaks me out to no avail. (went bike riding with friends at a provincial park–rode 13 miles! YES!)

So needless to say, this summer is pretty darn great.  I look forward to seeing what Fall has in store, besides cooler weather. 🙂

Much Love,

~Princess Lisa


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