Experiences > Stuff

As all of the back to school emails float in, with beautiful sweaters, blazers, scarves and boots, I’m reminded of my goal to try and focus on experiences rather than stuff. Aside from a few things I genuinely need (a new black turtleneck as mine is ripped, a new pair of flats to keep in my office as my current pair of ballet flats is destroyed and some new sports bras because non supported boobage while running is HORRIBLE), I am pretty much set for all things clothes, purses, etc….ps. must stay away from the Kate Spade promo emails.

Since the big “35” I have taken steps to live up to the experiences over stuff.  I have registered for a Masters Swim Club, two or cooking seminars (one about chopping like a chef as I don’t really know how and I like my fingers, and the other about pies/pastries as my pie game needs to expand beyond graham crusts), and it looks like I might just be joining a curling league.  YES….you heard me….a curling league.  Yes, I am frightened, too.  The last time I curled as a one off spare, I fell and might’ve been concussed.  Hoping this doesn’t happen this time around.

I may…..may take a photography class.  I say may because with the new job there are much more demands on my time and energy…and sometimes emergencies I will have to deal with…I don’t want to feel overloaded because me and overloaded are not a good mix.

On a broader scale, I’m also planning a few trips.  I’m going to Ottawa and Minneapolis in the month of September–just short weekends away to see friends or shows.  In March, I am hoping to head to Australia to visit my friend and celebrate her baby daughter’s first birthday.  Though, I will admit, if I’m heading out to Aus, there will have to be a bit of “stuff” purchasing–my favourite PJ store is there–good ol’ Peter Alexander. Ooh..maybe if the timing is right and my injury is better, maybe I can even run a race?

Have you ever tried focusing on experiences rather than stuff?  How did you keep your desire to get new stuff at bay?

~Princess Lisa


4 thoughts on “Experiences > Stuff

  1. I’m definitely trying to do that–hence registering for a tap dance class this fall, and going back to voice lessons. It’s just hard because I love THINGS. And I have a really hard time distinguishing between NEED and WANT. But I’m getting better.

    • It def takes some time and some will power. I am purposely trying to do some of these things with friends so there is an added benefit of the experience over stuff war in my head.

      As for the lure of the things….ugh. I am not sure what to recommend. Don’t go to the mall or read shopping emails unless it is related to something you need vs want.

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