Our New Willpower Challenge!

So, the other half and I made the long trek home last weekend, and hours and hours of being trapped in the car together usually results in some interesting conversation.  This time, we talked a lot about how neither of us is where we want to be in terms of weight and fitness, and there was plenty of finger pointing to be had: “Well YOU always as to go for ice cream!” and “But YOU always skip breakfast!”  And, competitive as we are, we decided to establish, once and for all, who can exercise the MOST willpower…when they want to! Daily points will be awarded for not cheating (defined as “bad snacks” – candy and ice cream being my vices; chips and cookies are his), and bonuses for stringing together multiple days/weeks of willpower  We have each picked a prize and the first person to hit the total points goal gets it!

He is playing for the chance to stripe and decal his car so it looks all Fast & Furious, and I am playing for tickets to a Seahawks game in the fall! The sausage dogs will be playing along too, as they have been deemed “too fat” by our vet.  Aero will weigh in for #teamevo and Fidget on #teamseahawks. So, which team is going to win?!  …And how long can I realistically go without some starbursts or licorice to fuel my afternoons?….

Princess Lindsey



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