Fitness at Work & Self-Care

Happy Hump Day!

I’m finally feeling like I have a bit of pep in my step again.  I can’t even remember the last time I felt that way….but man, does it feel flipping great.

I think this long weekend that just finished really did something…I caught up on sleep, some house work and I cooked like a fiend…in fact, I am still dreaming of that pizza.  Oh and I went trampoline-ing…which was exhausting and hilarious and I can’t wait to do it again, despite the slight upper back pain.

Exhausted!  Who knew jumping would be so tiring…and sweaty.

My workouts are getting more consistent…even if my rehab into running isn’t coming along as quickly as I would like, but it’s becoming a habit again….I have even dropped a couple pounds…though friends believe that is break up weight. Hah…if it’s break up weight, I’ve arguably lost about 200lbs in the last week or so. hah!

But as I am finding my groove again, in work, life and fitness, I’m finding myself wanting to do more.  By the end of this week, I will be signed up for the office gym (tiny but effective)…and later today I will be trying out my work’s yoga class (Wednesday at noon and my first class is today!!!) and helping a colleague of mine train for her first 5K  with our first workout starting tomorrow!

I’m kind of excited to be moving again and just feeling like a normal human being with energy and some vitality to them….as it feels like it has been missing for a long time.  I guess this is just further evidence of how important self-care is.  I really need to make an effort to not let it get this low in the future.

What are your favourite ways to engage in self care?  How do you know when your tank is getting low?

~Princess Lisa


2 thoughts on “Fitness at Work & Self-Care

  1. Sleep is soooo important to me. And alone time. I’m an extroverted introvert, so if I spend too much time running around doing social stuff with other people and don’t get enough alone time, I start to freak out.

  2. I think you’ve finally adapted to all the “new” and so stress levels are evening out and you’re getting a grip on your life again. Changes are great things but can be hard when they happen all at once.

    Still – woohoo! Such good times ahead!

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