Is it Friday Yet?

Sleep was illusive last night–and I feel like it was related to the crazy stressful day I had.  Plus, I had a rather significant amount of caffeine at the end of the day and ran a hard-ish (flirted with speed work as per my instructions) 5K around 7:30pm….and plus…stuff was on my mind.  I was wound up about things happening in my life right now.

It’s not a big deal…but my mind was swirling and only after doing a bit of journaling did some of my restlessness fade.  Needless to say, 6:15am came pretty damn early.

On the plus side, I have a three day weekend coming up…and I have no real plans aside from going to a trampoline park with my friend B and her mom.  I plan on sleeping in each of the three days, taking care of household tasks I keep putting off, relaxing, visiting Super Grams

Oh…and fitness…I will be fitnessing, too.

Anyway, must pitter patter and get back at er–I have an inbox that is nearly full…Time to do ye olde deletion.

Much Love,

~Princess Lisa


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