Shift in Training

So colour me excited!

I get to run FAST-ish again.


I hit up physio and my regular physiotherapist is back from her trip to Spain. Destroys me with cupping and deep tissue massage…says I should shift my run training…from long and slow to short and fast.

I was like..ummm…beg your pardon?

But I get to “flirt” with speed work.  Start at 9 min miles…and then try to do a bit of distance at an 8:50 or and 8:40 and then slow it back down again…running no longer than 5K.


Oh and–my grams, who I just signed up for her next (4th) 10K, got a shout out from the race director!  How cool is this?


How cool is that?  Can’t wait to show grams this weekend!

Happy Tuesday folks!

~Princess Lisa


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