Friday Five: Feelin Good

The last few weeks have been a bit rough….but I’m finally feeling like I am out of my funk.  I’m sure part of that is because I’m running again (even if it is slower than I have been in a long while)…and part of it is because I’ve taken some time to rest and relax a bit…actually catch my breath and chill instead of rushing off to do whatever.  I really need to remember that taking time to rest and breathe is important for my mental health.

There are a few other things that have helped me feel a bit better too…and they are the topic of my Friday Five List today…

1. Going to see Minions with this kid (and her mom and dad) this past Saturday.  We had fun and it was fun to feel like a kid again, even if only for a little bit.


B and me

2. I cooked a few times this week…and they were healthy, easy and yummy.  Last night’s pork tenderloin was phenomenal….though the pic looks horribly red, it really wasn’t that way in person.

Southwest Rub Pork Tenderloin and Asparagus.

Southwest Rub Pork Tenderloin and Asparagus.

3. Work has calmed down just a tad….though I’ve had blips of busy, it’s feeling a bit more comfortable and I feel a smidgen more in control of what is going on…and because of that, I feel less on edge.

4. I had my own personal pace bunny on my run last night


5. I’ve spent time with really good friends in the last week–it’s helped lighten my mood tremendously.


What has made you feel good this week?  Lemme know in the comments!

~Princess Lisa


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