Congratulations Princesses and Princes!

Congratulations to all the Princesses and Princes that registered today!

Alas, I will not be with you.  As much as I wanted to be…oh rest assured, the desire is there. I’ve dreamt of PRing at Princess for a loooong while…and have not done it. Plus there will be members of Team Can Am there….but….there are so many other factors to consider for Disney Races.


Post Glass Slipper Challenge 2015 – Nearly PR’d in both the 10K and Half

Costs are a big deal for me right now.  I’m hoping to buy a house or maybe condo in the next 6 months and that will necessitate a big shift in my disposable income.  The Canadian dollar is worth only about 75 cents American, which means that I’m paying an extra 25% for everything (race entry, hotel, theme park tickets, food, transportation, merchandise…more if the forecasted drop in Canadian dollar comes to pass.

Exhaustion is also a factor.  These race weekends are EXHAUSTING.  And to be honest, I’m already exhausted from Glass Slipper Challenge, Pixie Dust Challenge, dealing with my injury and the job change….with zero holiday opportunities between now and then…because….

There is also a potential other, bigger, trip that may be happening to Australia to visit one of my best friends and be there for her daughter’s first birthday–a daughter that is named after me.  And if that trip happens, I won’t have enough holiday time to go out for the trip.

Also, I plan on finally living up to my broken promise, to meet up with Team Can Am for Wine n Dine 2016 as Wine n Dine 2015 didn’t plan out like I had hoped…given the exchange rates and such, costs for this race will be high and I know that if I had to pick a race to do, Wine n Dine 2016 would be it.

So good luck everyone!  Train safe, run hard, race well!

~Princess Lisa


7 thoughts on “Congratulations Princesses and Princes!

    • It is just so hard with the unknown future and also having one of my best friends living on the other side of the world. Most of my vacations tend to revolve around us meeting up. Which leaves little cash for Disney.

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