I cooked!

You’ll never guess…I did a lot of stuff this weekend….

First, I chopped off some of my hair….because why not!  It grows back.

IMG_6906[1]Then I COOKED!!!  I KNOW!

I am pretty shocked too–so I have breakfast (via prosciutto quiches), and dinner ready for the next few nights (minus the baguette because I only ate it because it was there and needed to be eaten).

The chicken was super easy to do–and I can see why people do this now…roast a chicken for the week…lots of options.  It was super tender and well cooked–so much so that when I tried to lift it out of the slow cooker, it fell apart.  Eek.

I plan on using the chicken and my leftover asparagus tonight for dinner too.  I have chicken left over from Friday that I’m using in my salad today–which finished that up.

The chicken recipe also had an accompanying gravy. Definitely not a favourite.  It’s ok…but it is a bit strange to have a rather strong lemony flavoured gravy.  It’s not horrible, mind you, but I don’t think I would make it again.

On Wednesday/Thursday, I’m hoping to cook up a “Mexican” pork tenderloin and use it for some lettuce wrap tacos or a taco salad or something.  So far, making an effort to cook is a-ok.

It feels nice to know I’m set up to eat well after a weekend where I wasn’t eating so hot.  Fingers crossed that I can keep this up. 🙂

Much Love,

~Princess Lisa

p.s. I will try to post recipes soon–just haven’t had the energy to do…yet!


8 thoughts on “I cooked!

    • Oh it SO is….esp as someone who struggles with getting the motivation to cook. You want me to bake–no worries, I will be up all hours of the night to bake..but cooking–YIKES. It is too easy for me to screw it up.

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