Monday x2

The hazard of having a holiday mid week (Happy belated Canada day folks), is that you get to experience a Monday-like vibe twice in one week.  Brutal.

What isn’t so brutal, however, is that I ran yesterday.  See…turns out I am allowed to run again.  Not fast, mind you, but I am allowed to slowly increase my time/distance.  Pace has to stay at about 9 minute miles until my weird injury is better.  I ran a full 30 minutes yesterday (with a 10 min warm up, followed by a 5 minute cool down).  Total distance was about 4.25 miles.  I followed that up with some leg focused strength training (lunges, squats and deadlifts) and my physio work.

If Neverland isn't possible, I will settle for a treadmill or a nice run trail.

If Neverland isn’t possible, I will settle for a treadmill or a nice run trail!

Now that I’m allowed to run again, I think it’s time to start re-investing in my runDisney savings account.  I’m super sad to be missing my planned trip to Wine and Dine with Team Can-Am this year (due to issues related to bringing my grams), so I’ve had to postpone til 2016.   This isn’t so bad though–it will give me an opportunity to not rush my healing and save up enough cash to go…especially since I will be going on my own and who knows where the exchange rate will be by November 2016.

I’m still continuing with my physio–and I have my follow up appointment with my hernia doc next week to confirm, once and for all, whether or not I have a hernia.  Given how good my injury has been feeling with these physio appointments, I’m pretty confident that it isn’t a hernia–and well, who wants surgery, right?

My goal over the next few weeks is to work my way back up to running for an hour….and hopefully, eventually, I can start doing some speed training again.  I might also start adding some group fitness classes to my regimen just to shake things up a bit.  After all, my least injured times have always been when I’m doing a lot of cross training.

Anyway, must get going and officially start this second Monday of the week.  Here’s hoping is goes by quickly!

Much love,

~Princess Lisa


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