Mid-Year Check In

So it is the middle of the year…end of June…the cusp of my great Nation’s birthday (yay Canada Day!)…which also happens to fall mid-week…so much middle in this opening sentence.

What hasn’t been so middle is life over the past six months.  There has been a lot of stuff going on…new jobs…travels…new nieces being born, weight gain, run hiatus, near PRs, family drama, dating, PRs in fun, very little blogging and a surprising amount of ice cream.

I think what has shocked me most is how quickly everything has happened this year.  I still remember the cusp of 2015 starting.  The hurtful comments a few people in my life made to me, a completely and hilariously horrible blind date, and taking a chance and doing something to make me feel like a movie star (which still might be one of the best things I have ever done).  If you were to have told me that all that has happened since those days was to happen…I wouldn’t have believed you.  Some of it has been beyond great…some not so great..but at the end of the day, at least I feel like I’m progressing and finally living my life instead of life happening to me.

Wanna hear a quick inventory of the year so far:

1 – family health scare – Grams falling down the stairs and being in the hospital for 2 weeks with broken ribs and a collapsed lung

8 – new Disney medals – would’ve been nine but my travel partner and I missed the 5K

2 – Disney trips and 2 race challenges completed

1 – new job.

27 – the amount of days I have been at the new job.

3 – guys I have dated for various amounts of time.  Just about to kiss one good bye and take a short dating hiatus.

1 – PR in fun at the Frozen 5K with Kellie and Nicole

200 – the amount of miles Kim drove to cheer for me, Nic and Kellie at Princess.

1 – the amount of time any of my friends have ever come out to cheer me on at a race (thanks Kim!)

4 – the amount of miles I can walk in just under 55 minutes

5 – the amount of staff people I manage in my new job

5 – the amount of races I have run

What does your year look like so far?  Any fun plans for the rest of 2015?  I’m hoping to get back to running and training for another race real soon!  Just need to heal up first!

Much Love,

~Princess Lisa


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