Summer Bucket List

Inspired by one of my all time favourite baking blogs, Joy the Baker, I decided to follow her lead and create myself a fun Summer Bucket List.

So without further adieu…here it is….20 fun things I wanna do this summer!

1. Meet up with friends I haven’t seen in a long while for patio drinks.

2. Meet up with friends from out of town–be it on my turf of theirs (hello upcoming trip to Ottawa).

3. Make something delicious with the herbs I am growing on my windowsill at work.

4. Experiment to make my own perfect homemade cold brew coffee with my French press.

5. Maybe run…hopefully…again…and preferably with a run club.

6. Go to the beach.

7. Make some yummy ice cream from scratch….or maybe a few so I can find a perfect summer of 2015 ice cream.

8. Learn how to bbq.

9. Help my dad set up his new patio furniture and then enjoy a meal sitting on it.

10. Read a fun summer read in a park on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

11.  Hit up the farmer’s market and make a delicious meal with my purchases

12. Practice some easy meal planning/prep.

13.  Go for a (fitness) swim.

14.  Catch a summer blockbuster.  Maybe two.

15.  Sleep in on a handful of Saturdays.

16.  Dump the guy I am currently seeing… (this is probably going to be the first thing on my list to do).

17.  Find a new guy that is awesome….may take a looong while longer.

18.  Make a really, really good mojito.

19.  Have a leisurely, indulgent out door brekkie.

20. Do something I haven’t done before…sky’s the limit…well…maybe not sky–the idea of sky diving freaks me out to no avail.

What do you wanna do this summer?

~Princess Lisa


9 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List

    • That is fabulous!!! Make sure you have lots of beer protection.

      As for 16..well…it probably should be number one…but I started this list awhile ago…and number 16 came as a realization over the past 48 hours…lol.

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