Friday Five – Goals for the Next Week

Heigh Ho!

It’s one of the most fabulous days of the week–FRIDAY! WOOT!

This week has been a frazzling one at work…and not so great on eating as I made my favourite brown butter bourbon chocolate chip cookies this week and I believe I pretty much all of them in a few days…eek.  But I did get to the gym daily…minus one day off.

For my Friday Five this week–I’m going to outline five goals I want to try and accomplish…they aren’t going to be massive, but they are all related to getting me back to feeling like a normal human being again and re-establishing some sort of routine.

1. Continue with the weight training.  Though my quads are hating me right now, I am going to do my darndest to continue with doing weight training–even if that means doing it first before cardio so I’m not tempted to skip it.

2.  Find a post work snack to keep me from caving into junk food.  Any suggestions?  I’m thinking maybe a lightly dressed bean salad–make it on Sunday night and snack on it for the week?  Or maybe some of those little “power” bites?  I really want to avoid crudité because I just find that to be sorta meh…but maybe it will work if I find the right dip….who knows. lol.

3. Make appointments with my sports medicine doc and an athletic therapist–see what I can do about this stupid injury…given that it is likely not a hernia like originally thought.

4. Try going to the pool for a swim–it’s been ages and it might prevent my shin splints from getting worse.

5. Find some easy dinner ideas for this week…be it a slow cooker meal…pasta…whatever…just make it quick, simple and at least quasi healthy.

Do you have any goals for the week ahead?  Let me know!

~Princess Lisa


4 thoughts on “Friday Five – Goals for the Next Week

  1. These look like great goals to me! I think a bean salad after work is a good idea–the protein and fiber will help keep you full until meal time. I’m looking forward to getting back into running this week 🙂

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