With Friends Like These…

…who needs a personal trainer?

I actually made it to the gym!  Two days in a row

For. Reals.

If it wasn’t for this fabulous lady (below), I wouldn’t have gone to the gym at all on Tuesday. I wouldn’t have done weights, nor would I have gotten in a 3.25 mile power walk (in 45 minutes) on Tuesday.  I also wouldn’t have gone to the gym after the nightmare of a day I had on Wednesday (and did a bit of strength training and a 35 minute walk)…but a dupa kicking comment made me find my get up in go.I really find it amazing what a great motivation friends can be…be them ones who live far away like my Team Can Am Girls Kim (picture with me above), Kellie, Nic and Rae…those girls…well…essentially all of Team Can Am are so supportive and funny and awesome–they make working out and living life fun–no joke (yes Rae is in my hand…left hand side…though it is a flat Rae).


In all seriousness though–these ladies are the best.  We talk every day…sometimes throughout the day–share our highs and lows…and just our lives in general.  Our friendship is special and I couldn’t be happier to have these people in my life!

Much Love,

~Princess Lisa


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