Marathon Mania

So, for a little while now, I’ve been contemplating a marathon…it just feels like one of those things that, as a runner, I should do once in my life, and I figure that “by the time I’m 30” is a good timeline.  But, if you’re going to do 26.2, you might as well make it as enjoyable as possible, right?!  So, I’m trying to come up with a shortlist of races that seem worth going the distance for (in terms of the running mileage, and the air travel that may be involved!).  Here’s what I’ve found so far:

  • Walt Disney World Marathon: January, Orlando FLA.  As a Disney girl, this one is a no-brainer.  Unfortunately, this is the only full marathon that runDisney offers, so I know it will be a complete zoo…but realistically, all of these destination runs with be crazy busy, so suck it up Princess (hehe!), right?
  • Niagara Falls International Marathon: October, Niagara Falls Canada & Buffalo NY.  This marathon actually crosses the border between the US and Canada, which is kind of neat.  Also, I am a bad, bad Canadian traveler who has never been to Niagara Falls, so it’s a bucket list destination on its own.
  • Cayman Islands Marathon: December, Georgetown, Cayman Islands.  An island race just sounds so fantastic, and I think a fall/early winter race would be great timing, as I tend to do the bulk of my running from June-December.
  • London Marathon:April, London England.  Big Ben, Buckingham Palace…all of these are bucket list sightseeing stops for me too.  April isn’t great in terms of training for me…but it is my birthday month so…happy 30th birthday trip?

…Have you done any of these? Have any others to add to the list? – I’m looking for scenic, awesome bling, reasonable travel (ie: no 24+ hour flights – no Australia or Tokyo, etc.), and something that is impeccably well organized…I can’t deal with chaos!

~ Princess Lindsey


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