Finding a New Normal

As I start my fourth week at my new job, I’m looking at establishing my new normal for life…I say that because the hours at this job are already longer and different than my old job.  My day starts about half an hour later and ends about 90 minutes later…and potentially later if there ends up being an emergency.

So far, I have been able to eat relatively healthfully for breakfast and for lunch, though I do admit that neither of these meals is particularly fancy most of the time.  Dinners and waiting for dinner snacking is out of control though.  I am eating ice cream before dinner, or sometimes as dinner…and this is not helping me in terms of staying in minimal shape for my eventual return to running (date tbd…but my self imposed run hiatus should end on July11) or ensuring that my clothes continue to fit.

These later work days (and being completely mentally exhausted at the end of them) and not being able to run is also messing with my desire to actually move my body…I know it isn’t the smartest way to handle my run hiatus…but it’s just been really hard to want to go power walking, no matter how nice it is.

My goals for this week are to try and re-establish a daily workout and to try and to actually make a few dinners this week…even if it is something like a fajita kit or a salad kit that I am up by cooking up some chicken and veg.  I just really need to get back in the habit of cooking myself three meals again.

When things go off kilter in life how do you get it back on track?

Much Love,

~Princess Lisa


7 thoughts on “Finding a New Normal

  1. Getting back into a routine can be really hard. I still haven’t quite figured it out after moving. I think just trying to add one thing in at a time will help–so this week focus on cooking, next week add in a few power walking sessions, the week after, reduce ice cream intake etc. You’ll get there!

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