Friday Five

Oh hello there bloggy world!

I”m baaaack.

I have a work tablet I can take home.

And this means it will be a smidge easier to blog again.  YAS!!!!

So…I figured what better day to come back to blogging then Friday–and to have a Friday Five post celebrating the five things I have learned since my blogging took a rather long, unplanned hiatus.

1. Being productive in a job is SO MUCH BETTER than not being productive.  I feel more accomplished, confident, smarter and more together than I have felt in YEARS.

2. I have a lot of amazing flipping friends.  The ones I have known from childhood…the ones from school, from work…from blogging…seriously…I heart them all especially for dealing with me the past couple of months…I know I have been sorta crazy. lol

3. You’ve heard the horribly derogatory phrase “b!tches be crazy?”  Well there needs to be a similar phrase for dudes because I cannot believe some of the strange dudes I have met in the last few months.

4. Not having workout goals and/or races is ruining my desire to workout, eat healthy and just generally be active.  My mystery injury needs to finish healing fast (I have had one month off of running already and I have one month to go) or I might not have clothes to wear in a few weeks.

thank you erase paste

5. That whole beauty sleep thing works…well…and Benefit’s Erase Paste (see above).  The combination of sleeping more (due to pure mental exhaustion) and this little gem of a concealer gets me lookin good in no time.

What have you learned so far this month?  Any fun tips to share!?

Happy Friday!
~Princess Lisa


6 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. Re: the male version of bitches be crazy – all I think is how sexist that is…that there are so many derogatory things to say about women and nearly the same amount for men.


    Also nice concealer!

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