New Playlist – Need Some Help!!

Hey there, nightowls! I’m up a bit late thanks to a rousing 10pm floor hockey game, which has left me wired.  But, our team did win!!

Driving to the game I was looking for some pump up music and turned to (for me) the “classics” – some good ‘ol Britney 🙂  I was in the mood for some of those kiss-off, I’m awesome and you can just go away type of songs – Circus, Piece of Me, and Work B**ch made the list.  And then we had this awesome game and I got to thinking that maybe a new gym playlist is just what I need to get me out of my workout funk. So…what are your fav songs in that vein of “I’m too cool for school, nothing is bringing me down”?

~ Princess Lindsey


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