Oh Hello There Friday–You Ravishing Beauty!

Obviously, I’m pretty darn thrilled that it is Friday.

Work is going to be a bit more painful then usual today.  The combination of a strategic planning session over lunch and knowing I won’t be around in four weeks is going to make it feel long, but meh…it could be worse. Especially since I did start the day with this delicious donut….mmm nutella glaze!

The rest of my weekend is essentially promised to no one–I have a few errands to run and a few tentative phone dates with friends who live far away, but otherwise, there is nothing going down–and it feels great. I may just nap away most of Saturday…and I think it will be glorious.

I actually feel oddly good today–and it’s not just about the donut.  I got the first, really solid night of sleep in a long, long time.  Between my stress with the potential new boy (such relief when I ended it–so what does that tell ya?), the applying/interviewing/stressing about the new job and training for Pixie Dust…I haven’t been sleeping.  But last night, I was asleep by 11 and when my alarm went off this morning at 5:45, I did not press snooze…I got up, made my bed and started my day and it felt pretty glorious.

Wow…apparently my word of the day today is glorious…who knew?

Anyway, I don’t want to ramble too much as I have a seemingly never ending task list of things to do before I leave this job and I don’t want to work overtime to finish them.  Hope you have a Friday and well, a weekend that is…of course….GLORIOUS!!!

Much love,

~Princess Lisa


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