Change is Gonna Come

Hi Folks!

Happy Small Monday aka Tuesday!  Hope you are all doing well.  To those of you who ran Boston–congrats and wishing you a nice recovery!  Oh and not that he reads it, but Happy 40th to my big brother!

My blog post, as you have already read, is about change…and man, is there ever going to be some change going on in the next month or so….and probably a lot more towards the middle/end of the year.

I can’t go into all the details, but some of them are really good.  Some of them are just new things I’m gonna try….but all in all…I think the coming weeks and months are going to be exciting.

One of the changes I can talk about are my shift in fitness.  As I’ve been struggling with my running, my motivation to run, and my mysterious core injury, I am taking my running down a few notches.  I’m going to take a break from it–maybe not entirely, but definitely decrease the frequency and intensity of my runs.  I’m going to start weight training, swimming, walking and cycling.

I’m also going to spend some time working on meal prep/planning.  I’m truly horrible at this and have become particularly horrible with this in the last few months.  I need to get back on it and make some great tasting, veggie packed meals that are easy to prepare…or that will become easy to prepare with practice.

I’m also daring to try a massive de-cluttering of my stuff–especially since I am hoping to buy my own place in the next 6-8 months.  I will never be free from clutter, but I do know that I have a lot of junk that could easily be donated/sold/tossed.

Again, there are a few other things that are in the works, but these are a few of the big ones.  Oh and I will continue looking for fun things to bake/make like this amazing sprinkly, marshmallow, cornflake (yes CORNFLAKE) popcorn recipe I found on Joy the Baker yesterday.  I might’ve had some of this yummy treat with my breakfast this morning.

So yeah…lots of excitement to come…and that’s not even including my trip to Disneyland to PR in fun while doing Pixie Dust Challenge. 🙂

Happy Tuesday!

~Princess Lisa


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