One Month

In one month I’ll be leaving for Los Angeles and on the verge of running the Inaugural Pixie Dust Challenge.  My normal excitement for runDisney races is being smothered by my lack of motivation to run anything longer than 5-7 miles and do so with any speed.

Post-Princess, my training has taken a dramatic downturn.  It’s stopped being fun.  It’s physically painful if I run even slightly fast and it’s mentally exhausting just trying to keep going for more than a handful of miles. It’s frustrated as I had big plans and goals for this race (as well as Princess) when I signed up last summer.

After running five mediocre miles yesterday, I chatted with my dad about running as well, he’s my “coach” for lack of a better word. He told me to stop thinking about this all so much and stop comparing to other training sessions and just go out and run because you can (even with my stupid mysterious ab pain).  Then, he suggested I take a break from running for about 6-8 weeks, post Pixie Dust.

So I’m going to run Pixie Dust…but I’m going to try and enjoy every moment….feel every moment–I am going in with no strategy except to finish and feel good while doing it.  That last year and a half has been hard–lots of injuries, family drama etc and a constant attempt to try and train through anything to hit a new and rather elusive sub 1:50 goal.  Maybe, with the time off and some time to heal my mysterious injury, I can come back, stronger, faster and can kick that sub 1:50 goal’s butt. 🙂  It’s worked before….an 8 week break is what made my Dumbo Double Dare, back to back PRs happen…maybe something good can come out of this, too. 🙂

Much love and happy running,

~Princess Lisa


9 thoughts on “One Month

  1. We are so often our own worst enemy.

    Sometimes, we have this mindset and these goals and when we don’t achieve them, we feel like we aren’t living up to our best potentials. Unfortunately, our bodies tend to have their own ideas and they don’t always mesh with what we want. Lately, I have been calling that adjusting to our new normal. It makes me feel better to not be as goal-oriented when things aren’t cooperating and to be less harsh on myself when it’s out of my hands. Injuries need time to heal and while your mind is go go go, your body isn’t saying the same thing. You need to make some peace with that.

    I’m glad you’re going into this with a better attitude but know it’s not cuz you’re not a great runner…it’s just not the right time right now. Running SHOULD be fun. But when it loses its fun, it’s time to re-evaluate. You’ll get back in the swing. Just don’t hold yourself to any sort of deadline.

    • You make such excellent points. I have actually made a list of the things I’m going to do instead of running for the 8 week break–and it feels sorta exciting. And, truth be told, if I feel like I need to run during that time, I will, but i’m going to run without any pace in mind (aside from “slow” in order to keep healing)…and just move and enjoy it…it’s been awhile since that was part of my plans.

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