Where is My Mind?

think think think gah!

Oh boy….I have to say, I need a way to shut off my brain.  It’s been messing with me a whole lot lately.  And I’ve had many, many friends and even coach dad tell me to just stop it…but…. IT. JUST. WON’T. STOP.

The worst part is that my over thinking is messing with a few areas of my life.

It’s messing with my running big time.  My mystery ab injury has totally impacted my mental game to running.  I can’t run fast enough to improve…so it all has become a drag.  Sometimes it hurts so I stop…other times I just stop due to frustration–a little over a year ago, I was running fast for me.  10 miles at an almost 8 minute/mile pace…and today..well I can’t run at that pace for more than a few miles and it feels like death.

This has also impacted my weight and my approach to eating–essentially a see food diet is my philosophy right now and I feel sooo gross but it’s giving me so much comfort.  Bah.  I’m amazed my clothes actually fit because man, I don’t deserve them fitting.

Then there is work…oy.. I can’t even open up that package of peanuts…  Oh and then there is the guy.  Another date–had a good time, still have ZERO idea how I feel about him–so very mixed…leaves me ruminating and running through things in my head…over and over. gah!

Must. Stop. My. Brain.  Any tips as to how to do so–send em over!

Much Love,

~Princess Lisa


5 thoughts on “Where is My Mind?

  1. Well, if nothing else, I officially have that Pixies song stuck in my head.

    Do you have a pet? I find it exceptionally comforting to know that no matter what happens in live my cats love me and need me (which, as A Tree Grows in Brooklyn so wisely points out, can be just as important as love).

    • Hey Jenn! I sooo love that Pixies song–esp at the beginning of a run–not sure why. Sadly I do not have a pet because I have crazy allergies. Bah. I just have a most massive urge to take out all of my savings and buy a one way ticket to somewhere and not come back for at least a year. lol. Despite knowing that running away from my problems isn’t the best, it seems like such a nice option right now. 🙂

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