The Mehs

The Mehs are brought to you by a lack of desire to travel for work, a batch of mixed feelings about a new guy, my continuing stomach pain while running fast which is manifesting in zero training motivation for Pixie Dust and a large, large desire to hide in my bedroom to sleep until this blasted fresh dump of snow is gone.

I am hoping I can shake these mehs….I don’t like feeling this way, but I know that if I don’t embrace them, give them the time they need to do their thing and move on, then they will manifest in other nasty ways–and that never does me any good.  For the next few days, while I am in Edmonton, I’m just hoping to do a lot of reflecting, a little bit of running and maybe a bit of shopping Maybe a nice spring outfit or a new pair of running tights and/or socks (since I appear to have lost one flipping sock in Florida).

Either way, I think the time away from my regular scenery, the guy and just my regular life might be a good thing.  Give me a chance to breathe, refocus, etc.  I hope that it will bring some clarity and some energy back into my disposition.  Fingers crossed! 😉

take care,

~Princess Lisa


5 thoughts on “The Mehs

  1. I feel you,darling. The mehs can really add a whole level of blahness to your life. Hoping that you’re able to shake them soon – I’m just waiting for the spring to take full effect. I think the crappy weather has a lot of pull over my attitude.

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