Good Morning and happy Monday!

It’s been almost a month since I left for Princess and I’m only now starting to feel like a normal human being. I don’t think I have ever been so exhausted during or after a trip ever in my life.  In my first week at home everyone kept asking me if things were ok in work/life/family because I looked so rough.

As you can see from this photo….well…I think that the only thing that looks good is my yummy float.  I look like death in this photo…but I guess three nights of 3 am wake up calls, being a tour guide for 16-hours a day and running a bunch of miles does that to a girl.  Plus, when I got home, things weren’t particularly calm, either.  I only, finally, had a full on, chill day, yesterday, where I did nothing but watch tv and intermittently doze on the couch.  It was fabulous and though I didn’t sleep all that well last night, I do feel mentally rested for the first time in weeks.

Moving forward, I have a lot going on.  A few friends have recently announced their pregnancies.  I have Pixie Dust Challenge in May (which I have to do some trip planning and obviously some training for).  I have a TON of work travel coming up.  I have friends visiting from out of town this week. I have gifts I need to send to Australia as my second Aussie adopt a niece was born last week.  I also want to get back into blogging because I miss it tremendously.  Oh and if all that wasn’t enough, I am dipping my toe back into online dating….and have had a smidge of success…which is shocking to say the least.

So yeah…the coming months are going to be quite interesting I am sure.  I’m equally eager and dreading it all.

Much Love,

~Princess Lisa


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