Meh Training Weekend

So after Thursday’s awesome run and finally calibrating my Garmin on ice-less streets on Friday (and also getting my Sparkle Skirts), I was feeling pretty darn excited to run like the wind….


  • then I barely slept on Friday night.
  • and my shorts kept riding up the crack of my butt for reasons unknown to me (yes, TMI, whatever!).
  • and Herbie the hernia started to groan….

And sadly, this was just Saturday morning’s run.  Sunday afternoon didn’t fair much better–I wanted to try and push my pacing a bit…but my head and heart weren’t in it–even my dad predicted that it wasn’t going to happen based on how I was talking en route to the gym.

I made it 8.5 miles and managed an average pace of about 8:23.  There was no way I was doing another 7.5 miles…No. Way. In. Hell.  It was all in my head…and my heavy, heavy legs.

But, it’s one run.  And I’ve been working my butt off fighting fatigue and burnout and one bad run won’t make or break my training.  Since December 31, I’ve essentially run 3 half marathons in my training…and maybe this easier mileage weekend will mean a great few weeks of training and even better races to come.

So I’m going to pull an Elsa and let it go and work on this week as dwelling on crappy runs won’t help me in my training.


Poor lighting of my Elsa “lite” costume for GSC. Tiara is on order for pick up at the expo.

Much love,

~Princess Lisa


5 thoughts on “Meh Training Weekend

  1. You’ve been seriously kicking butt in training. One or two bad runs in the grand scheme of things is not so bad. Also, you HAVE A HERNIA for crying out loud. Cut yourself some slack 😉

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