Got Swag?!

Hey guys!

So…I seem to have trouble with NOT falling off the face of the (virtual) planet for weeks at a time.  Sorry about that.  New Year’s Resolution: show up to the blogosphere a little more often.

Anyway, part of what’s been keeping me busy for the past few months has been stepping up to Co-Chair the Board of Directors for a local race! Cool, right?  What’s even cooler about our event is that we focus on fully funding the run through cash and in-kind sponsorships so that all of the registration fees go directly to our charitable initiative, which is building sustainable clean water sources in Ethiopia!  So…see you all at the Calgary Run for Water, June 13th?!  🙂

The race director’s topic-du-jour though is swag bags, and I need your help!  We’re trying to build something cool…with items that make sense…and stuff that isn’t junky or annoying.  I think the concept is that, rather than stuff race bags full of things, we’re just going to set up a “swag buffet,” so to speak, and let people take what appeals to them at package pick-up.  Has anyone ever participated in a race that does this?  I sure haven’t, but I think I would like it!  Any tips for logistics of moving people through the line, etc?

And the biggest question is…what do you LOVE in your swag bags???  Race guides/magazines and food items are two of my favs.  And of course, there are always the standard issue coupons, re-usable tote bags, temporary tattoos, etc.  I think the weirdest thing I ever got was a pencil…like an unsharpened one that someone might give you in a 7-year old’s birthday party gift bag…odd.  Anything you HATE receiving?  Anything you have never gotten, but would be really appreciative of? – you know…besides $1,000,000…a new car…Ryan Gosling…….but I’ll work on getting those too 😉

Princess Lindsey


2 thoughts on “Got Swag?!

  1. I’ve gotten some weird stuff in swag bags–athlete’s foot powder and lotion being the most memorable/weird. If you’re interested in tying in the theme of water, maybe re-usable water bottles? I also agree with Kim on the snack-size bars and coupons.

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