Friday Five: Five Weeks til Glass Slipper Challenge 2015

Friday five….and it’s Five weeks until I go to Disney for Princess.

I'm so excited!!!

I’m so excited!!!

Holy crappers.  It’s so close and yet so far.

Wanna know what 5 things I’m looking forward to?  Well, good because that is the top of my Friday Five post today.

  1.  Seeing my Run Club hit their goals and for some, get their first big real race bling.  I’m so, so, so, so excited to see all this all happen for everyone.


    Can’t wait to see my run club get their bling!

  2. Meeting my Team Can-Am Ladies.  Oh. Em. Gee.  So. Darn. Excited.  If I think about it too much it makes me teary eyed.
  3. Finally getting to ride Splash Mountain, post Princess, like I wanted to do in 2013, but couldn’t because the ride was closed down.2015/01/img_39701.jpg
  4. Doing the Wild Africa Trek Excursion in  Animal Kingdom.  So excited to do this bonus extra…can’t wait to see what it is like.
  5. Having a GOOD race day during the Princess Half.

This last one is a big one.  Due to injuries, illness and immense sleep deprivation, my first princess experience was horrid.  I was miserable throughout the entire thing.

My main goal for the race is to run happily and well  (the subsequent goals are to run for a PR and possibly for 1:50 or less if possible because, well, I could have a good day and I ALWAYS have three goals for races).  I really want to feel good this time round though—embrace every moment and do the best I can and feel good too.

Anything you are counting down to?  Are you going to be at Princess race Weekend?  Let me know in the comments!

Happy Friday!



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