Last Night was a First

My workout last night consisted of me showing up at the gym, getting dressed, talking for 45 minutes to one of my run clubbers, getting changed and going back home.


I feel quasi guilty about it because I should’ve done something…but I was sore and well, I did run 14 miles the day before, so I just embraced the non-workout gym visit for what it was….a way to get me out of the house.  Plus, after 45 minutes of just standing and chatting, I had lost any momentum to get my groove on and move.

I foam rolled when I got home, did my hernia exercises and went to bed early as I slept horribly the night before.  Thus the night wasn’t a total loss.

Tonight I will try to run a hard 4-5 miles, followed by a good stretch session (as again, I am sore from Sunday) and my hernia exercises and even some icing.

Heck…I might even bake….the desire to do so has been strong lately…which is sad, actually, as it is the very LAST thing I need. lol.


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