Next 6 Weeks of Training for GSC

After a rough training period around Christmas (aka not a lot of running or hernia exercises and a whole lotta hernia pain).  But about 10 days of easy running and hernia exercises (and a bit of an overzealous and painful TRX class), has left me feeling strong and ready to do my very best with my remaining 6 weeks of training.  Also, I won’t lie–knowing that Kellie and Nicole are doing Goofy and Dopy, respectively, makes me want to up my game, too.

Normally my half marathon training has me running 12 miles at the most.  This time, however, I’m pushing past my limits, running long runs of 14 – 16 miles.  I also plan on doing some back-to-back “dress-rehearsal” runs with race pace 10Ks the day prior to my long run so my body and mind are physically prepared for what is to come.

So wanna see my plan?  Check it out below:

  • Weekend of January 10: 10K race pace + 14 miles
  • Weekend of January 17: 4 miles easy + 16 miles
  • Weekend of January 24: 10K race pace + 15 miles
  • Weekend of January 31: 4 miles easy + 16 miles
  • Weekend of February 7: 10K race pace + 14 miles
  • February 10: 9 miles at race pace
  • Weekend of February 14: 4 miles easy + 6 miles hard (taper begins)
  • February 17: 8 miles
  • There will also be some speed work, hills, easy runs, tempos and rest days in there too.

I’m really hoping that this extra miles will mean that 13 is going to feel like a breeze come race day.  I mean, I girl can hope, right?  I tend to start a bit fast and struggle with the last miles.

Any other advice for me, let me know in the comments!



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