Oh Garmin….

My patience is in tatters.  I again had to worry about calibrating this stupid thing and it went horribly again.  At one point, I just started adding random numbers for the hell of it to see what it would do.  SO. Frustrating.

I came across something through googling about manual calibration and doing a wee bit of math.  I have a number, well, two actually, depending on whether or not one decides to go metric or imperial…and well, I am going to try them out today…..if it doesn’t work…I’m giving up on good ol’ Garmin and relying on running for time and running by feel.  The distances recorded will be based on whichever silly treadmill I get at the gym that day (which is problematic as they are all calibrated differently).

I just can’t lose another workout to running multiple half mile bits to try and figure out this stupid garmin problem.  Oh what I wouldn’t give for this to have happened around Christmas, when the sidewalks were snow free and the weather was warm.  BAH!

On the plus side, as my good cold Coach Dad reminded me, one can run without a Garmin.  He did it his entire running “career” and I did it for the first seven years of mine.  That means I CAN do it again.  Right?  Right. lol.

Wish me luck on simply keeping my sanity if I am forced to train naked – aka GARMIN free!



12 thoughts on “Oh Garmin….

  1. My old Garmin was dying mid-run more often than not and I was NOT happy. I’ve been running watch free for awhile but I just got a new Garmin… sooooo, we’ll see. It’s sort of nice not to constantly be staring down at my wrist!

    • Boo to old Garmin problems and yay to a new Garmin. 🙂

      I think since I can’t get a proper calibration (found something close, but still not right last night), I am going to only loosely run by my Garmin, but pay attention to pacing based on feel. Though the one benefit of my current Garmin situation is that is projects me as going slower than I am, so it is sorta motivating me to run faster to try and see the same numbers I saw before the foot pod battery died…maybe it will help me get a PR at GSC. 🙂

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