Last Night I Should’ve Stayed Home

So last night, I ventured outside in -40 something degrees to do a run to calibrate my Garmin Footpod. See, I replaced the battery on Saturday, but the person who replaced it, didn’t put it in properly and my whole watch went buggy during my Sunday long run – saying I was running at a 56 min/miles pace.

It took me longer to get dressed than it did to run the approximate 1 kilometre to get the GPS.  I think it actually took me 10 minutes to bundle up and only 4-ish minutes to run the 1KM.  I was concerned about the accuracy as I had zero traction on the snow packed sidewalks, but I tried my best.

I went on the track when I got to the gym for just a short “rest day’ style run…but my pacing was clearly off.  It was saying that I was running much slower than I knew that I was.  I tried to re-calibrate on the track and was interrupted several times. After my fifth attempt was screwed up by a random idiot runner who almost took me out by walking on the track in front of me, I gave up.

I came home discouraged, but did some additional research on calibrating and now I feel like I will be ready for calibration today on my gym track.  Hope I can get a quasi accurate number without having to go outside again, because well, BRRRRRR!!!!!!

And truthfully, if that doesn’t work, then I will just run by feel and by paces shown on  the likely poorly calibrated treadmills in my gym until I get to Florida.  Then I will re-calibrate on non-icy ground and hope that I trained hard enough in the meantime. 🙂

Thanks for listening to me vent folks!


P.S. Garmin, despite my massive hate for you last night, I still really love you!


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