Really Back to the Grind

Happy Monday Everyone!

I’m officially back to work grind, like everyone else…though, technically I was back on Friday, but let’s be honest, Friday was a bit of a bleary eyed mess. lol

I’m working on making today relaxed but productive and so far, so good.  I got my benefits papers processed, followed up on my hernia referral and made myself a healthy breakfast and a healthy lunch and it isn’t even 9am.  I think that it’s a pretty darned good way to start if you ask me.

The rest of my day,, obviously.  Then I plan on bundling up and venturing outside to recalibrate my Garmin.  See, unfortunately my battery always dies around this time of year and the person who replaced my battery this time didn’t do it properly and it messed with my calibration and it had me running 56:00min/mile.  Since all the treadmills are off in my gym, I’m opting to bundle up in -40 degree temps (colder with the windchill) to get my calibration done.  Hopefully it works for the first time or I am gonna be p!ssed. lol.

I plan on doing a bit of a run tonight at the gym (it’s an easy day today) followed by some rowing and my hernia exercises.  I had planned on starting to do them twice a day today by getting up 15 minutes early, but I actually forgot to set my alarm 15 minutes early….oops!  I think I might try to sneak them in at work during my lunch break.  I also plan on doing some work on my resume update tonight.  I have a job that has an application deadline of Jan 12 and I wanna make it great.

Hope everyone else is enjoying the first Monday of the year!



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