7 Weeks from Now….

I will have 4 new medals in my stash after completing the Glass Slipper Challenge.  My Run Club and I will be celebrating our new bling and accomplishments with dinner at Ohana after watching the Magic Kingdom fireworks from the Beach at the Polynesian.

I will have finally met my fellow bloggy friends Kim, Kellie and Nicole.

Combine this with the fact that I had a stellar run today…the first without pain in a really long time (11 miles at about 8:17ish pace…(my Garmin AND Footpod decided to bail on me) and it fills me with a bit of hope that I can run this race and maybe not have a double PR weekend, sub 1:45 extravaganza like I was planning  a year ago, but I know now that I can finish the race strong, smiling and confident, which is so much more than what happened back in 2013.

I am so. Darn. Excited.



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