5 Resolutions for 2015

I initially wasn’t going to do any resolutions, because I felt really free and excited about not being tied to big goals or plans–not that I won’t work toward things, but for whatever reason, I wasn’t liking the idea of being tied down to big resolutions like lose 15 lbs or run x number of races.

But.  The combination of my work with my life coach/therapist over the past months and some of the stuff that has happened in the past weeks (both amazing and annoying) has still left me feeling excited about the year to come and to the possibilities that lay ahead….but there are things I want to remember as I work my way through 2015, hence the resolutions below.

1. Be the best possible me I can be.  How am I going to do that, well, just do the best I can at everything I do and try my very best to make my life fun.  Duh! 😉

2. Remember to set boundaries and to not take crap from people.  This means complaining when customer service is bad, establishing boundaries with any friends who takes advantage or sticking up for myself when someone says something hurtful instead of laughing it off/ignoring it.

3.Say Yes….. Say yes to things that push my limits…pushing limits make life worth living.  This scares and excites me to no end.

4. And say no .  Say no to things when they feel like they are breaking my boundaries or I simply don’t want to do them.  I tend to do a lot out of obligation and I don’t want to live my life anymore

5.  Look around, make eye contact, talk to people and maybe, just maybe work on my flirting skills.  I don’t do enough of this.  I tend to keep my head down and just do what I need to do.  I did the odd experiment over the last six weeks in looking around and the results were shocking (had two guys flirting with me, though sadly, they were both married, but still progress, right?).

Fingers crossed that I’m able to make these a reality for what I’m hoping will be an amazing year! 🙂

Happy 2015 everyone!



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