Hah! So that 2014 was Somthin’, Eh?

I don’t know where to begin when it comes to speaking this year.  Nothing went as I had expected when I made those resolutions and goals 365-ish days ago.

There were injuries….15-ish days into the year I was taken out with a nasty Achilles tendonitis.  Then there was my undiagnosed hernia that started up in June and is still causing me grief.


There were hard times, with my grandfather (who actually would’ve celebrated his 90th birthday today) getting sick and passing away…and being their to help and support my grams through this new stage in her life.


RIP Gramps

There were fun times….like surfing in Hawaii or winning entries into and running the Tower of Terror 10 Miler with Lindsey in Orlando this past October.


ToT!!!! WOO!

There were times of victory, when I PR’d by a whole minute at the Toronto Yonge Street 10K race or the one training run I ran when I ran 10 miles in about 80 minutes.

Red Letter Day - 2 new PRs!

Red Letter Day – 2 new PRs!

There were times of frustration.  Like when I tried to get my Sub 1:50 goal at two different races and each race was an epic, confidence ruining failure.


Can you see the pain?

There were moments of pride, like when I watched my grams finish her first 10K or when we ran/walked her second 10K, one week after her 80th birthday, where she PRd by 22 minutes AND won her age group.

Grams celebrated her belated 80th birthday with a 22 minute improvement on her 10K time and winning her age group!

Grams & Me

There were laughs.  Talking about “Sanchez” in Hawaii with my friend’s husband after one too many cocktails.  Even thinking about it now, I giggle.


Sanchez Night will live in infamy

There were new friends…like Kellie, Nicole, Kim and Rae.  There were also many good times with the old ones.

Pretty make up before our girls night out

Pretty make up before our girls night out

There were new nieces and nephews that I got to share cuddles with.



There were pounds lost and then gained.


Hello Belly!  Please don’t get comfortable because you are NOT staying.

Self compassion, self esteem and the ability to set boundaries were also gained. The importance’s of the “I shoulds…” decreased.


Yep! That’s me!

My courage and excitement and anticipation for what is to come, be it good or bad, in 2015 is at an all time high. Come and get me 2015–I am ready and waiting!

~Princess Lisa


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