Christmas!!! Holy Crap!

I am SO not prepared for this.  Any of this.

Somehow time has gotten very, very away from me and well, I am only a few days until I’m having my family over for dinner. Eeek!  Where has the time gone!?

Oh and I can’t even bare to think about the fact that my Christmas shopping isn’t done!?!?!  I mean, what does one get their mother when you are quasi estranged and only see each other at Christmas?

In any case, I’m trying not to think about it all too much.  In time, it will all get done…and if not, that is what gift cards are for…or last minute lottery tickets.

Fortunately, I have some time off preceding my big dinner and I hope I am able to get a whole lot of stuff done during that time off. I also hope to sneak in some social time too as all work and no play make Lisa a stressed, angry and sad girl.

On a more positive note, however, I think of Christmases past…how everything always finds a way to get done and well, even if something screws up, family is pretty forgiving and at worst, they can just eat my baked goods as I KNOW i’m good at those….hence my TBT for today–a whole lotta baking shots!!


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