Up the Game Progress: Week 2

Hey Folks!

Two weeks in and it’s weird.  I’ve lost everywhere now, but my waist here I gained almost an inch!?  WAH!?  I have no idea what is going on.  Admittedly, I haven’t been crazy vigilliant, but I haven’t been over indulging either.  What I hope it might be is that my body is wacked out from the last two weeks of increased mileage.  I always find I gain a bit of weight whenever I  up my mileage or even intensity of my running and then it miraculously falls off again.  I’m not too worried yet, especially since my long run on Sunday (when this should’ve been posted) went really well, with 9 good feeling miles at an 8:15 avg min/mile pace.

Below are the tales of the tape.  The first number in bold is the newest measure.  The number on the right in parentheses is the first week’s number:

Chest: 37.75″  (38.5 “)

Waist: 32.5″  (32″)

Abdomen (around belly button-aka my trouble zone):  34.75″   (35.5″)

Hips:  38″ (38.5″)

Thighs:  23″  (23.25″)

I must say, I definitely feel the change in my waist–I put on my favourite work suit (as I’m leaving for a work trip to Calgary this morning and it was quite snug…almost uncomfortably so.  Needless to say, I won’t be doing a whole lotta snacking while I am away.

Oh and there are another few ladies who are joining into the holiday weight watching vibe right now. Please check out their awesome blogs too:

If you want to join us, please let me know in the comments!


~Princess Lisa


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