Friday Five: Five of My Favourite Holiday Moments in 34 Christmases

Hey Folks!

Now that American Thanksgiving is over, Christmas is in full swing everywhere.  As I start to officially begin preparations for my own family’s Christmas (starting with making cabbage rolls with my grandmother on Saturday afternoon), I found myself thinking about my favourite holiday memories of Christmases past.


1. Christmas 2006 –  My first and only Christmas away from my family.  I was in Australia visiting my overseas bestie.  I called home to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and they decided to break out into “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” over the phone.  I started bawling and I have never felt so loved and so very far from home.

2. Christmas 2007 – when two of my aussie friends came to visit me for Christmas.  It was exhausting and wonderful.  I overscheduled us to the max, but it was worth it.  Everyone got to meet my dear friends from far away and we all had a great time, despite the cold.

3. Christmas 2011 – My first ever, fully cooked by me, Christmas dinner for my family.  Everything on my table, except the Nanaimo Bars were from scratch.  I have never cooked and baked so much.  I even get shin splints from being on my feet for so long.

4. Christmas 1986 – It was the Christmas I got my favourite childhood stuffie, Swiftheart Rabbit – a Care Bear Cousin, which I still have, and my first Disney movie–Cinderella on VHS.  I remember showing up at my grandma’s house and the floor was jam packed with presents–I have never seen anything like it since.

5. Christmas 2014 – this Christmas will be memorable in other ways.  It will be the first time in almost 40 years that my entire family on my dad’s side isn’t together for Christmas Eve (his one brother is retired and decided to stay at their winter home in Arizona) and this is my first Christmas without my grandpa on my mom’s side.  I’m hoping that despite traditions not being what they used to be this year, that some new traditions can be made instead. 🙂



6 thoughts on “Friday Five: Five of My Favourite Holiday Moments in 34 Christmases

  1. I love my family traditions, but I’m always open to new ones 🙂 On Christmas Eve we all get in our PJs and watch “Scrooge,” which is a musical version of A Christmas Carol. It’s great 🙂

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