Different Kind of Day Today


Today is a bit of an odd day–I’m spent my morning sleeping and working out–why you ask? Well, I have a networking dinner I have to attend this evening for work.  I’m actually excited about it because it’s at the local art gallery, which makes amazing food.  The only bummer is that networking AND dinner means I’m not getting home until quite late, hence the sleep in/workout morning that I have planned.

Since I am not much of a morning worker-outer, I am just going to do what I can. lol……which meant doing quarter mile hill repeats.


I have only ever done hill work a handful of times in my life, but I am determined to make it part of my regular training. These intervals were done 5 times and an incline of 5% with a 10 minute warm up and a 5 minute-ish cool down, for a total of 4.25 miles…of HELL.  Even the cool down felt horrible by the time I was done.

Seriously, give me speed work any day over these hills!

Anyway, my work day is officially beginning so I must jet!  have a great day and be sure to get your fitness on!

Much love,

~Princess Lisa


15 thoughts on “Different Kind of Day Today

  1. I agree. Love speed work. OF course, sometimes, I love hills. I think I just love ‘changing it up’. lol Way to go for getting up and out this morning to workout~ enjoy your dinner! 🙂

    • I don’t think I will ever love hills. lol. Compared to speed work, where you just run fast and feel like flying in spite of the fact you are really working, with hills, it’s just working without that free flying feeling. lol. That being said, I do know that there are some great fitness benefits to hills…so I hope that with regular hill work, I can see some of them. 🙂

      As for the morning workout–that was a larger victory than it should be–I am def. not a morning worker outter! lol.

      How else do you change up your running game besides hills or speed work?

      • I get bored easily. I usually alternate routes to keep it interesting. I just try and include one hilly route each week. Once a week, I do a track workout that consists of : 1 lap walk/1 easy jog/1 run hard. Then repeat for a few miles, or until I am exhausted lol. The indoor track is 1 lap=one tenth of a mile. I love it 🙂 Thanks for the reply!

    • Word to the “ughs” of morning workouts, Sarah! It was very bizarre working out with the blue and grey haired set at my gym. lol.

      The hills were definitely rough, but I’m hoping that, if I don’t learn to like them, I can at least love the fitness benefits of doing them. 🙂

      • It’s a true story. 18+ year runner & masters degree in exercise science. Hills are our friends – they definite make you faster and stronger! Forces you to pick up your leg and use more force to go forward! Drive with your elbows (bent @ 90 degrees) in the back, instead of arms in the front. This will force you to keep your chest up. Chest up means more room for lungs to expand; more oxygen to those hard-working muscles! Slow with good form and good bounce is better than fast with broken form!

      • Any treadmill run should be done at 1.5-2% incline. I train outside no matter the wearher (northern Vermont-raised) but as long as you are keeping good form (so many people hold on with an incline) you should be good. If you can (its’ hard on a treadmill), try to speed up as the hill “crests” – so as incline comes down, speed up. Power through the top! I’ve never really done hill repeats on a treadmill! Go you!

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