Up the Game: Week 1 Progress

Hey Folks!

So it has been one whole week since I posted my no scale weight loss challenge.  So far, so good…though I did have some cake this weekend. lol.  I also ran really hard and ate well otherwise, so I am hoping it all balances out.

Below are the tales of the tape.  The first number in bold is the newest measure.  The number on the right in parenthesis is last week’s number:

Chest: 38″  (38.5 “)

Waist: 31.75″  (32″)

Abdomen (around belly button-aka my trouble zone):  35.5″   (35.5″)

Hips:  38.25″ (38.5″)

Thighs:  23.5″  (23.25″)

I don’t know what a good amount to lose in a week is, but I’m pretty happy to have lost anything  I felt like my jeans felt a bit more comfortable (despite there not being much of a difference in my waistline measurement, though admittedly, my waist/abdomen is one of the last places where my weight falls off….because, well of course it is).  I am hoping that this trend continues in the future–esp as the holidays creep closer and I have to start testing all my recipes out so they are ready for company to munch.

Oh and there are another few ladies who are joining into the holiday weight watching vibe right now. Please check out their awesome blogs too:

If you want to join us, please let me know in the comments!

Much Love,

~Princess Lisa

P.S. I will post monthly photos as I don’t think that there will be much noticeable change in pics from week to week.


10 thoughts on “Up the Game: Week 1 Progress

  1. That’s fantastic! I did barre and a circuit class this weekend and feel pretty good. The only prob is my persistent cough but I feel active again and that’s awesome!

    Yay you! The progress with the tape is looking good! Continued success my friend.

    • Nice! Congrats on being active! I hope the cough goes away asap!

      I’ve always wanted to try barre (despite the fact I am in no way graceful or have ballet experience, despite my childhood being spent doing gymnastics). I just ran a fair bit this weekend, with a side of hot yoga. Felt really tired from increasing my miles last week to essentially double what I had been doing (and faster), but I took it easier on my long run and feel much better for it today.

      Thanks for the well wishes! 🙂

  2. I’m did a half tomorrow so I’m hoping that MAYBE things are changing? But I also have eaten everything in sight since yesterday sooooo maybe not.

  3. Hey, progress is progress! Great job 🙂 My official starting measurements compared to my last measurements in 2012 tell a sad, sad story… BYE BYE BAGELS! BYE BYE BEER! Helloooo salad…

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