Up the Game: A Pre-Holiday, GSC-Inspired Butt Kick by the Numbers

Hey Folks!

So yesterday I posted about my new challenge to myself (and perhaps others) to lose a few lbs before the holidays and most importantly, my first running of the Glass Slipper Challenge (PS. This is a day late because I was covered in hives on Sunday–thus it’s a day late).

Without further a dieu….here are the numbers and the picture evidence of where I am at:
Chest:  38.5 ”

Waist:  32″

Abdomen (around belly button):  35.5″ (this is my trouble zone).

Hips:  38.5″

Thighs:  23.25″

And now…the worst part…which will hopefully be the best part towards the end of this challenge….picture evidence….

From the front:


From the side:



Wish me luck and good luck to those out there who are trying to do the same thing!

~Princess Lisa


16 thoughts on “Up the Game: A Pre-Holiday, GSC-Inspired Butt Kick by the Numbers

  1. Yeehaw! After the wedding this weekend I’m on board full tilt. But there’s no way I’m watching my food intake this week. Just no way. I mean, I’m trying not to go totally overboard, but it’s my wedding.

  2. You are so extra awesome for posting this! That’s it, screw it! I’m doing it too! (After this weekend because after 8.5 & 18 miles I’m going to need some beer and some burgers) .


    • You are hilarious Kellie!

      I am just hoping this will give me an extra push. I will even be happy if I find I am just more aware of what I am eating. Dropping a few is even better.

      And beers and a burger are totally allowed after that much running. Truth be told, i always crave red meat aftet a run of 10 miles or longer.

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