Back to Reality – Sorta

So I’m back in the saddle again…life has sorta returned back to normal and I feel like a quasi-human being again. This also means catching up at work, doing actual food prep again, starting Glass Slipper Training (as much as my hernia will allow) and organizing my stuff outside of my suitcase (I tend to get really disorganized before I go on trips).

I say all of this with a “sorta” because I am leaving on a mini road trip to Minneapolis with dear ol’ Dad to go see Garth Brooks.  Don’t worry though–I still plan on working out–it NEEDS to happen as time is of the essence when it comes to training for Glass Slipper Challenge, especially with this crazy, not yet fully diagnosed hernia situation.

I think this month is going to be a small bit of calm before a new storm arrives.  I am playing hostess for my entire family (well, all of my dad’s side minus one brother’s family), which will mean a good 7-10 days of food prep, nevermind the cleaning and such.  Oy!  I will also be planning away for GSC with my team and getting in those training runs.

My plans over the next month is to just rebuild my endurance and mental toughness, work on eating better (October was HORRIBLE and my pants are SO tight) and try to rehab my hernia with strength training as much as possible. This way, if surgery is necessary, I will be as strong as I possibly can be prior to hitting the surgeon’s table, thus reducing my recovery time, post-op.

Oh and one other plan–to eat all of the HONEYCRISP apples I can.  Holy Hell are these apples delicious!

A Honey Crisp Apple a day keeps junk food away!

A Honey Crisp Apple a day keeps junk food away!

Much love,


~Princess Lisa


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