Holy Crap it’s Friday?!

I can’t believe I’ve been home for an entire week…and, sadly, I am getting ready to pack my bags again…though this time for work purposes.  I will be heading out to Saskatoon, Edmonton and eventually Calgary over four days next week.

I am exhausted just thinking about it. Plus I know that I’ve got at least two more work trips and one surprise trip to Minneapolis to see Garth Brooks in the midst of all that.

Shoot. Me.

LOL.  I kid.  This is really a complete and total first world problem.  I will, however, have to make sure I keep things balanced with rest, healthy food, exercise, etc.

My weekend plans are relatively low key–going to the gym ( if my body allows it) and to see the Black Keys with my dear old Dad and older brother.  It will be fun and all but it really doesn’t compare with my Saturday a short 14 days ago when I got to spend the day getting massages, sunning myself by the pool and drinking beverages below with one of my best friends.

blended mojitos in Hawaii

blended mojitos at the spa in Hawaii

Happy Weekend!



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