A Victory and Defeat

So…I’m sorta proud of myself.  I did something that I didn’t think I would do again–I ran with a run club last night.  Woo!  Go me!

Admittedly, I didn’t do this solo–I met up with my buddy O and we headed out with some of his friends at this club for an easy 4 miles….

in the rain…I might add…

and then my calf seized up again….like it did in Hawaii…

and then we had to gimpily run/walk back to the home base of the run club…

in the rain…


My calf feels horrible today…and if it is anything like Hawaii, it will be another day or two before I can even walk properly, never mind run.

I’m not entirely sure why this keeps happening, but I think I know the answer–I think it’s from my slow runs of late.  Both my race with my dear old Grams on Sunday and my ToT race were done at a slow for me pace, with lots of starts and stops and a total change in my gate.  I think this is the reason that everything goes to pot when I start to run at my normal old paces.

I won’t lie–I’m getting pretty frustrated with my body’s inability to cooperate with me on this whole running thing–between my hernia and this calf thing, I’m really worried and curious as to why everything is falling apart on me….especially when Glass Slipper Challenge is so, so close.

I’m really trying to take it all in stride…as I wait for my calf to un-seize and for my appointment with the hernia specialist, I am going to do my best to work out as well as I can without further aggravating my apparently pissed off body and really try to focus on my nutrition as not being able to work out at my normal intensity will have major impacts on my weight if I am not careful and that will likely be more damaging to my race goals than keeping my fitness up.

Gimpily yours,

~Princess Lisa


17 thoughts on “A Victory and Defeat

  1. I repeat, this is your body telling you TO PR IN FREAKING FUN FOR GSC! Stop putting so much pressure on yourself! LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!

    And I yell because I care. BECAUSE I CARE DAMMIT!

  2. I feel your pain. My calf has been tight which has affected the ball of my foot and all that other fun stuff.

    Health wise – this year could have been better. And weight wise – I’m also shifting. Super.

    But all that said, maybe you just need a break. I get how it can be frustrating but take it easy and see how it goes from there. There will always be another race but you only get one body.

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