It’s Almost Here!!

I find myself checking the clock incessantly – partly because I really really want work to be over soon…and partly because I have a billion things to do before I hop on a plane 16 short hours from now!

Just a sneak preview of our running gear, and a teaser about our MNSSHP costumes: “We’re going to rip you to pieces!! :)”

For any of our blogosphere friends who are attending, we might be hard to get in touch with since neither of us broke down and paid $7 million dollars for international cell phone data, but we will be checking in periodically on twitter or the blog when we have wi-fi, so drop us a line here or send us a DM on twitter if you want to meet up!




2 thoughts on “It’s Almost Here!!

  1. Love it! So cute! Btw, apparently there is free WiFi in the MK! (Something I learned taking a survey AFTER my trip was over!) Have a blast! Can’t wait for the pictures! đŸ™‚

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